03 December 2014

Poems Lost in Paperwork

More of my poetry I so often write when I'm in turmoil:

The lone boy waits on Mom to wake
Unknowing that it's all at stake
Loyal to her without demand
Lead into fire he'd hold her hand
Her one true love the kind she wants
He gives his mom no doubtful thoughts.
(Written before 2009 by CM.)

Selfish bitch
But what am I?
Consume it all
Don't blink an eye.
Lies and lies
Fake alibis
One slip up now
Kiss me goodbye.
Beg and plead
Don't call it quits
That fucking call
I've tripped and tripped.
(Written in 2013 by CM.)

12 November 2014

Badmouthing 101 Part II

And it gets worse than this with PAS. It should be criminal.


Badmouthing 101

And because its basically emotional child abuse.


16 September 2014

ACLU and Prisoner's Rights


30 August 2014

My All time favorite Essential Mix of the year by Scotty Bondy.

Dido should give the man much respect. I've always loved this set beyond measure. One of many where I know every twist and turn.